Kautoohal (कौतूहल )

For those interested in the meaning or those whose language is not Hindi, I will say, Kautoohal means excitement to know or experience something.

Now, next question- Why this name to this blog? For quite a long time, I have been wondering about life. Have tried a lot of things just to know what life actually is. What is it that we actually want from life in the end? Why do we do any particular job or marry a particular persons? (Don’t conclude that it’s gonna be psychological website. Nah!)

But, then we see the child, who is happy. Almost all the time. What is most common about almost every child is this, Kautoohal. This is it that keeps a child lively. Alive!

Ever seen some most interesting persons. You would notice instantly, this quality in them.

Finally, I will say, Kautoohal is not only a quality, it’s an state of being, it’s a form of energy, it’s a force that has driven the humankind to discover and invent remarkable things. So, this, my blog is a place of different ideas on different subjects. From Earth to mars, from love to spirituality, from poems to novels, From random to unimagined ideas and so on.


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